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How Behind-the-Scenes Astrology Helped Monsanto Beat Earnings Estimates

Monsanto (MON) released its quarterly earnings report this morning, and it knocked the ball out of the park.

Monsanto’s fiscal Q2 earnings rose by an amazing 22%, decimating even the most optimistic earnings estimates from market analysts. The jump in earnings was driven largely by strength in Monsanto’s global corn and herbicide business as well as increasing demand for the company’s products from emerging markets.

But lurking behind the scenes was the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, a new law in the U.S. that gives the company extraordinary legal protection. While it didn’t directly impact the company’s Q2 earnings, it certainly plays into the longer-term profit picture for Monsanto, and it definitely helps boost the revision in the firm’s annual guidance, which has just been boosted by $10 a share.

The Monsanto Protection Act is especially interesting because of the astrological dynamics at work when the bill was signed into law.

You’ll find an article about it, including a horoscope chart showing the transits to the MON First-Trade chart when the bill was signed, at http://www.financialcyclesweekly.com/public/The-Monsanto-Protection-Act-Becomes-Law.cfm

Was It the Election, or Was It Mercury?

Stocks sold off sharply today, right in line with our forecast in the FinancialCyclesWeekly.com newsletter, where I told readers to watch for “some significant consolidation in stock prices, if not a more decisive move into negative territory as the trading week comes to an end.”

According to the financial press, today’s market plunge was a reaction to President Barack Obama’s successful bid for reelection.

Or to general weakness in the economy.

Or to the looming fiscal cliff.

Take your pick.

If you’re watching the planetary influences on the markets, however, you understand that there’s additional insight to be found in the cosmic influence on the emotions that drive the markets.

The current waxing heliocentric Jupiter/Pluto quincunx is one potential culprit– this planetary alignment has a track record of driving stock prices lower 75% of the time. But more importantly, we had Mercury making its retrograde station yesterday evening a couple of hours after the closing bell in the markets, just as the election returns started coming in.

Mercury is extremely important to watch in our day-to-day astro-trading, and Mercury stations are particularly critical in defining key market movements.

That’s one of the key topics in my new book on Mercury, Money and the Markets. You can get a copy at Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher at http://bit.ly/MercuryBook.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event for Barack Obama

With the U.S. presidential campaign going into its final weeks, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are big names in the news right now.

The outcome of the election, as well as the uncertainty leading up to it, can both have a big impact on the markets, but it’s generally much more profitable to pay attention to what the markets are actually doing than to get caught up in the name-calling and campaign rhetoric.

In the case of Obama, however, there are some interesting insights to be gained from paying attention to the planetary transits to his natal horoscope. He’s going through a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic cycle, and it’s sure to have a big influence on world events during the coming weeks, no matter what the outcome of the election turns out to be.

Here’s an eight-minute video that provides the details: