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Janet Yellen or Uranus/Pluto?

Janet Yellen is getting the credit.

Wall Street is celebrating tonight.

It was a great day for the equities markets.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up an astonishing 421.28 points, climbing by 2.53 percent to close at 17.778.15

The NASDAQ Composite zoomed up by 2.24 percent, adding 104.08 points to finish the trading session at 4,748.40.

And even the normally sedate S&P 500 went wild during the day’s market action, chalking up an additional 48.34 points to wind up at 2.061.23, with a net gain for the session of 2.40 percent.

Did Janet Yellen Do It?

Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen – Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank

The financial news pundits, sage and smug as always, were quick to explain the extraordinary bullishness on Wall Street.

Janet Yellen did it.

No sooner had the market closed than the media was buzzing with the news.

Janet Yellen did it.

Or more precisely, Janet Yellen didn’t do it.

Janet Yellen held back, After a two-day Fed session she announced that the central bank will eventually raise interest rates, but not just yet.

If we can take Janet Yellen at her word, the rate will stay near zero for at least the first quarter of 2015.

And so, with two consecutive days of gigantic market gains, the bulls are in charge. The only way from here is up, to infinitely higher highs.

Is This A Market Top?

Unless you live in the real world, of course.

I’m not so sure that Janet Yellen and her amazing technicolor patience in refusing to push interest rates higher is really the cause of the market action.

Remember, we’re dealing with the impact of the current Uranus/Pluto waxing square. And as we documented in a recent blog post, that’s an event with a significant correlation to market volatility.

So the rally wasn’t a surprise, with or without Janet Yellen.

And a downturn is highly likely, since there seems to be little real change to support higher highs.

And while you’re at it, take a look at Janet Yellen’s horoscope:

Janet Yellen Uranus/Pluto December 2014
Janet Yellow saw her natal horoscope strongly activated by the December 2014 Uranus/Pluto waxing square, with multiple midpoint structures in play.

In this presentation of the Janet Yellen natal chart on the 90-degree dial, the dial’s red pointer aligns with the Uranus/Pluto waxing square. Look at the midpoints it triggers in her chart:

Mars/Jupiter – a surprise beginning of a fortunate activity.

Chiron/Poseidon – the inconvenience of clarifying ideas.

Mercury/Uranus – an unexpected announcement.

Neptune/Admetos – a sudden deadly poisoning through hidden actions.

Hades/Aries Point – Negligent actions that increase widespread misery and poverty.

It all adds up to an interesting picture, to say the least. While these configurations may not connect with conscious motivations for Janet Yellen, we should pay attention.

There may ultimately be negative consequences when Janet Yellen gets the credit.

Even if Janet Yellen didn’t do it.


Things Not Working Out As Expected

When there’s a void-of-course Moon, things typically don’t work out as we expect them to. What may seem like a really good thing can turn out to be a dud, and our choices in activities, political candidates, and major purchases usually fail to deliver what we had hoped for.

That’s certainly what happened in the stock market yesterday, with a void-of-course Moon in effect for the entire trading day.

The action in the S&P 500 got off to an enthusiastic start, with stock prices rallying as traders celebrated the news that an eleventh-hour settlement had been reached to avert a financial collapse in Cyprus.

The rally was strong enough, in fact, to push the S&P up to within a hair’s breadth of an all-time record high in the early hours of the trading session.

But then everybody sobered up.

Traders started thinking about the real implications of the deal in Cyprus, which, as we’ve pointed out already in articles and blog posts, is totally bogus in terms of providing a workable long-term solution to the country’s economic woes. And, as traders began to realize yesterday, the crisis in Cyprus can still have a very impact on the economic stability of other nations, both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

So the selling in the stock market began.

What had started out as an enticing flirtation with an all-time high finished up as a net loss for the day, with the S&P dropping by 0.33% to close at 1551.69 at the closing bell.

It was a perfect example of why we’re very, very cautious in our trading whenever there’s a void-of-course Moon!