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“Gann was very private about using astrology….”

When I joined Michael Yorba for my weekly interview on his Traders Network radio program on Thursday, he asked me to help make sense of the market action.

“A lot of folks are getting whipsawed,” he said, because of the contradictory signals and the confusing market action.

I told him that one of the clearest indicators we’ve got going right now is the change of seasons at the Spring Equinox, which was a key market timing indicator used by W. D. Gann.

“W. D. Gann was very private about his use of astrological cycles in market forecasting,” I said, “but he had a pretty good track record.”

As an extra bonus for Michael’s listeners, I had also used the social network page on his website to post a link to my recent video about the back-testing we’ve done with the Spring Equinox, resulting in a specific trading strategy for precious metals, individual equities, and market indices from around the world.

Michael also commented about the savings his listeners could get when they used his special YORBA coupon code to order the new report on The Stock Market Collision Course.

You can here the entire interview, which also includes Michael’s questions about Elliott Wave counts and price targets, by clicking the player here:

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Pluto in Action: Trauma, Drama, and Even Some Good News, Too!

It’s been 10 days now since Pluto’s retrograde station on April 12, so we’re starting to put that big event into perspective.

There was a lot that happened in the news to remind us of Pluto’s powerful and often deadly influence, including the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, the rejection of new gun control laws by the U.S. Senate, and of course the Boston Marathon bombing followed by the imposition of martial law on the entire Boston metropolitan area with a total lockdown by police and military authorities after officers had killed one bombing suspect and tried to capture the remaining individual suspected of involvement, a gravely wounded teenager weakened by loss of blood who had hidden in a backyard in a suburban residential neighborhood.

There was a big reaction in the markets, too, with all the major indices in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Pacific hitting trading tops and selling off sharply. The precious metals also plunged, with Gold going into its biggest two-day drop since 1980.

With the effect of the Pluto station amplified by the waxing Uranus/Pluto square, it’s been a time that’s brought a lot of grief, frustration, and suffering. But not all the news has been negative.

In Mumbai, India, for example the SENSEX average on the Bombay Stock Exchange responded to the Pluto station by breaking free from a 10-week decline and setting a trading bottom. As you can see in this article on the reaction of the SENSEX to the Pluto station at http://www.financialcyclesweekly.com/public/The-Pluto-Station-Nails-A-Trading-Bottom-for-the-SENSEX.cfm, it’s possible for Pluto triggers to send prices higher instead of lower.

In this case, Pluto’s power for transformation made the Indian bulls and the SENSEX watchers happy. Since the SENSEX article includes an astro-trading chart for the index that specifically shows the impact of the outer planet on the trading action, it’s worth taking a look at. Note, too, that it illustrates the role that Pluto plays in the ongoing trading action for this market index.