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Solar Eclipse Sets Up Big Trading Opportunities

The solar eclipse earlier this week clearly had a major impact on the stock market, but it also set up some excellent trading opportunities, too!

Since 2007 I’ve put a lot of work into studying the effects of solar eclipses.

With each solar eclipse that has taken place I’ve looked into the historical eclipses which have had connections or similarities to the current event, doing extensive research to get a better perspective on the kind of economic and political trends that have been associated with these precursor eclipses, as well as some insights into the potential impact on the markets.

The by-product of that research has been a series of monographs, an Eclipse Report on each individual eclipse, published as a downloadable e-book by Harmonic Research Associates. (You can find a complete listing of these monographs by clicking HERE).

As a part of those Eclipse Report monographs, I’ve developed a specific strategy for trading with eclipses, and it’s been enormously successful in setting up profitable equities trades.

In fact, over 93% of the trades we’ve taken using the Eclipse Astro-Trading Strategy have been profitable!

Take a look at this new 9-minute YouTube video, which describes this trading strategy in some detail:

As you can see, trading with eclipses can be quite worthwhile. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your copy of the latest monograph, “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012:  Its Impact on the Markets” at http://bit.ly/Eclipse1211.

The potential profits from the current eclipse trades are all ready and waiting for you!

The Day Has Finally Arrived!


I have to admit that I’ve at times actually doubted that this day would ever arrive.

After many, many months of really hard work and a lot of very long nights, my new book is finally seeing the light of day.

It’s called Mercury, Money and the Markets.

It’s 288 pages long and tips the scales at 1 pound, 6 ounces – a really big book, and I’m very proud of it!

It’s packed with tips for astro-traders who are looking for short-term trading opportunities based on rigorous back-testing and research.

The listing for the book should appear on Amazon.com within the next day or so, and in the meantime it’s available right now from the publisher’s website at http://bit.ly/MercuryBook.

And, if you go to the publisher’s site right now, you can get your personal copy at a big pre-publication discount price. That price is good through the end of the month, even though the book is already available now.

To say that this has been a labor of love would be a big understatement; but more than that, I think it’s really an important contribution as a tool and a reference resource for astro-traders.

Take a look – I truly hope you’ll be as excited about this new book as I am!