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The Home Depot Identity Theft & The April Eclipse

Back in September The Home Depot admitted that the company’s customer record database had been hacked, apparently starting in April and continuing until early September of this year.

It was big news, of course, but it somehow didn’t seem all that shocking, since The Home Depot was just the latest big company to reveal massive problems with data breaches and major identity theft impacting its customers — other firms include Target, Neiman Marcus, Dairy Queen and JPMorgan Chase.

The shattering of privacy has become widespread and seems to be well orchestrated, with the government security apparatus providing little defense — mainly because government agencies seem just as intent on grabbing citizens’ private data.

But now things have escalated even more.


Just yesterday The Home Depot admitted that its big identity theft invasion had resulted in the theft of more than 53 million email addresses. The company insisted, of course, that no really important information about its customers had been stolen, like passwords for store accounts. But in spite of its reassurances, there’s little doubt about the seriousness of the attack.


That’s where some astrological insights are helpful. Remember that the security breach and identity theft took place in April, when there was a powerful solar eclipse. As this presentation of the 90-degree dial version of the Home Depot First-Trade horoscope illustrates, that eclipse activated the Neptune/Kronos midpoint in the HD chart.

That planetary picture represents a situation in which there is large-scale deception going on, with big misunderstandings about consequences. It’s also the astrological signature of incompetent management.

This is a grim reminder of the power of eclipses, of course, but it’s also a warning — even if you haven’t used a credit card at Target or The Home Depot during the past year, you’re very much at risk of identity theft and the total loss of privacy.

As Brian Mills and others have pointed out, this is tantamount to a state of war — but it’s a war directed against civilians, very much in keeping with the continuing atmosphere of dangerous confrontation that characterizes this time of Uranus/Pluto squares.

Canada Hit By Solar Eclipse

The news came in from Ottawa early this afternoon.


The Canadian parliament was in lock-down. A Canadian soldier was dead, and there had been lots of gunfire in the halls of government as the political leadership was meeting in caucus sessions just before 10:00 a.m.

It was just two days after a self-anointed jihadist had mowed down two Canadian soldiers with his car, and had killed by police after a high-speed chase.

But were today’s shootings related to that event?

Was this a declaration of war, a reprisal for Canada’s support of the U.S.-led offensive against the Islamic State,  a full-scale terrorist attack by ISIL, or a classic “lone gunman” scenario?

Or was it a false flag operation, designed to drum up anti-Islamic hysteria?

For hours the news was muddled, the reports unclear. Officials said the threat was gone, but Canadian police were still swarming through the streets with weapons drawn, ordering citizens to take cover well into the afternoon.

So what was going on?

The solar eclipse in Scorpio was making its influence felt, more than 24 hours before the solar eclipse event itself.

This is the big event that is detailed in the new book on “The Solar Eclipse of October 2014: Its Impact on the Markets” – it’s coming up tomorrow, on Thursday, October 23.

It’s a partial solar eclipse that will visible throughout North America, and its path of highest impact runs close to Ottawa:


And because the effects of solar eclipses are often evident prior to the actual solar eclipse itself, and with this solar eclipse path hitting Canada, it made a lot of sense to get the news from Ottawa today.

It was enough to send me into my chart files, to take a look at the horoscope for Canada:


This  presentation of the Canada horoscope on the 90-degree dial has the red-arrow pointer at the position of the solar eclipse. It activates the Neptune/Pluto midpoint in the Canadian chart, indicating powerful changes whose true significance is only recognized in the future. So it may take a while before we really know what was going on today.

Even more noteworthy is the solar eclipse activation of the Mars/Kronos midpoint in the Canadian horoscope. This symbolizes the power of the State, especially as it’s expressed through police and military action. It also suggests, of course, acts of violence against people in power or in high governmental roles.

As is so often the case, the astrology of events does a much better job of describing the day’s events than the explanations offered by the news media….

Solar Eclipse Trading Webinar

We had a capacity crowd at last night’s webinar on “How To Trade with Eclipses” – the event ran for about an hour and 20 minutes, but just about everyone stayed until the end, and I got some great questions emailed to me afterwards.

I’ve also gotten a lot of requests for access to the replay recording of the session, but the website with that video has been behaving quite strangely this morning (I guess we can blame that on the fact that we still have Mercury retrograde in play).

So, because the big solar eclipse is coming up tomorrow, and since I don’t know how long the main website will be down, I thought I’d get the replay posted here as well:

Another Round of Eclipse Effects

In the past few days we’ve started to see the residual effects of the April solar eclipse playing out in the markets, especially in relation to the next solar eclipse, which is coming up in October.

The 2-eclipse midpoint is an important stress period in market timing, and that eclipse effect hits a peak this weekend, with a focus on the trading action on Monday, July 28.

That means it’s appropriate to look at the price levels associated with potential resistance in the S&P based on the interactions of these two eclipses.

Here’s what that look like:


We’ll be watching these resistance zones closely during the next couple of weeks, since significant action at any of these price levels could help us more clearly define the price action we need to be keeping an eye on a little later in the year.

Is This Just The Pause Before the Coming Stock Market Trading Storm?

I’m currently in the midst of a couple of weeks of travel, combining the business of helping astro-traders in various parts of the country with the pleasure of participating in a couple of family weddings on back-to-back weekends.

Right now I’m in the mountains of western North Carolina, preparing for an outdoor wedding ceremony and an evening of festivities to follow. We’ve got great weather, which has the blushing bride breathing a big sigh of relief!

But even during a holiday weekend and a great occasion like this one, the opportunities in the markets don’t disappear completely. That’s why I’ve been grabbing a few spare moments this afternoon to review the planetary trends that are likely to dominate the market action next week.

As I told Michael Yorba during my weekly radio interview with him on his Traders Network radio program on Thursday, the week ahead of us brings the Moon into sharp focus as we look for potential shifts in stock market trading trends.

We’ve got a lunar return to the recent Solar Eclipse, an entire trading day with a void-of-course Moon, and then a New Moon to top it all off.

You can get the details and hear the complete conversation from Thursday’s interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, near the end of the interview I mention the fact that the special e-book on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets is available now at a 25% discount if you use the Coupon Code YORBA when you place your order. That Coupon Code is good through the end of the day on Monday, so to take advantage of the savings you’ll want to to go to http://bit.ly/Eclipse1404 to place your order while there’s still time.

Getting Specific Times, Exact Prices from Planetary Alignments for More Profitable Stock Market Trading

“Don’t be so vague,” Michael Yorba said to me during our interview on his Trader’s Network radio show this afternoon.

But he chuckled when he said that.

I had just told him that I’m watch the Venus/Pluto activation coming up on May 14 to provide a potential resistance level in the S&P 500 at 1903.35 during that trading day next week.

That Venus activation — part of the Venus translation of the Cardinal Grand Cross which will unfold next week between May 14 and May 18 — is giving us critical information as astro-traders.

You’ll find information about the Cardinal Grand Cross in the e-book on The Stock Market Collision Course. Information on eclipse activations is a key feature in the e-book on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets.

The coordination of planetary action with specific price points in the markets is a stock market trading tool that W. D. Gann used successfully in his market forecasting in the early decades of the twentieth century, and it’s just as valid today as it was then.

You can hear all my comments, and my specific price forecasts for the S&P, in this recording of the complete discussion that Michael and I had on his show over the Clear Channel network today:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way,  Michael mentioned some charts that I posted today on his website, showing the planetary price lines corresponding to the upcoming market action.I also posted those same charts on this blog.

You can also view them right now at:


Is There Any Truth To This Old Saying?

The old-time market pundits have long suggested that a good investment strategy is to “Sell in May and Go Away” for maximum long-term profits in the equities markets.

This notion is rooted in the fact that there’s often a seasonal decline in stock prices during the summer months, with a historical tendency for underperformance in equities starting in May and continuing through October.

But is it a good idea to “Sell in May” this year?

If so, should we sell at the beginning of the month, or wait until later?

That’s what I discussed with Michael Yorba yesterday when he interviewed me on his Traders Network radio show.

We also talked about the impact of the recent solar eclipse on markets in the Pacific, the role of Mars in providing key timing factors during the month ahead as it moves from retrograde motion into its direct station, the importance of the Eclipse Activation Dates mentioned in the report on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets, and a whole lot more.

You can hear a recording of the complete 11-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, you’ll find the charts that Michael and I talked about at the beginning of the interview, including the eclipse path and the market charts from Australia and Indonesia, on Wednesday’s blog post. You can see it at:


These Markets Got Whacked By The Solar Eclipse

As we looked at the U.S. stock market in the weeks prior to yesterday’s solar eclipse, my analysis indicated that we were likely to see a sell-off between the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 and the solar eclipse on April 29, followed by a rebound into a modest rally right after the eclipse.

As it turned out, the pre-eclipse selling wasn’t quite as intense or as sustained as I had anticipated, but it did help define a support zone for the S&P 500, providing a springboard for a lively upward move. That bullish impulse is currently at play in the equities market — at least in U.S. stocks, where the Dow Jones Industrials closed at a new record high again today.

It’s important to note, however, that not all markets respond to eclipses in the same way.

In this case the Taurus solar eclipse actually brought some markets down fairly sharply, instead of giving them a boost like U.S. equities got recently.

What’s interesting to note is that the markets that started selling off instead of going into rally mode were in the part of the world that’s under the partial area of the shadow of the solar eclipse– Australia and Indonesia.

April 2014 Eclipse Path
The Path of the Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014

Here are the trading charts that show these strong alignments at work in altering the market action just prior to and after the Solar Eclipse.

2014 April 29 Solar Eclipse Effect on All Ordinaries
The Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 had a strong impact on the All Ordinaries Index in Sydney, Australia.


2014 April 29 solar eclipse impact on Jakarta Stock Exchange
The Indonesian Composite Index on the Jakarta Stock Exchange started its sell-out as the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse approched.

Here’s The Solar Eclipse Webinar Recording!

We had an incredible string of technical glitches, broken links, and other snags in getting our Solar Eclipse Webinar up and running today, but at least we did manage to get a reasonably good video recording of the event.

The webinar focused on the April 29 solar eclipse, of course, but we also touched on the S&P 500, Apple Computer (AAPL), Gold, BitCoin, the Yen, the geopolitical situation, successful trades, and a whole lot more, including a specific trading strategy that can be applied to any solar eclipse.

We also highlighted the huge amount of information that’s just been published in the new e-book on “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”, and gave away a great free gift– if you watch the recording, you can get the gift, too.

When you check out the recording, be sure to have a pen and paper handy. There’s a lot here that you’ll want to remember!

The entire recording runs about an hour and 10 minutes.

You can watch the video for our webinar on  “Profits in the Shadows – How You Can Prepare for the April 29 Solar Eclipse” right here:


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Right now I expected to be in the middle of our special webinar on the solar eclipse next week, reviewing the big trading opportunities that lie just ahead of us.

But a weird thing happened.

We got a great response to the webinar.

It was so good, in fact, that we were faced with having to turn people away because we were on the brink of running out of the room we had reserved for the event.

But instead of doing that, I made the call to open up more slots for participants, effectively expanding the size of the webinar meeting space.

That proved to be a little complicated. And as it turned out, our efforts to add more space crashed the webinar function altogether, with bizarre results.

Some people logged on and got a blank screen, and some got cryptic error messages.

Still others seeing a recording of an old webinar that was originally presented about 18 months ago– how THAT happened I’m sure I’ll never know!

At any rate the tech people are getting things put back together now, and we plan to try again at 6:00 p.m. EDT, four hours after our original starting time. By then Uranus will be below the horizon, so maybe everything will go more smoothly then.

In the meantime, though, anyone logging in to check out the webinar that’s supposed to be already in process is seeing this notice posted on the webinar site: