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Hong Kong Mercury Retrograde

The Hong Kong Mercury retrograde that’s getting underway is likely to be worth watching.

Mercury goes retrograde Sunday evening, April 9.

Tune in if you’re an active astro-trader.

That’s true for markets around the globe, of course.

But it’s especially significant for Hong Kong.

The Hang Seng Index responds to Mercury retrograde periods that begin in Earth signs in a very distinctive way.

So you’ll want to know exactly how it works.

This brief video provides the details.

It’s only about four minutes long, so there’s no reason not to watch it now.

As the video points out, Hong Kong Mercury retrograde periods are powerful.

Very powerful, in fact.

They’re highlighted in the book Mercury, Money and the Markets.

Hong Kong Mercury Retrograde and More In This Book

You can get it at Amazon.

You’ll find a lot of key information packed into this book.

It’s gotten rave reviews from many of the world’s top traders.

And it’s easy to see why.

Hong Kong Mercury Retrograde and More

It’s a remarkable book. Not quite like any other.

That’s because it provides some real answers about Mercury retrogrades.

This book gives you trading ideas. You’ll find plenty of key information to inform your trading. So its useful not only in Hong Kong but in individual equities and in other major markets around the world. From jakarta to Tokyo, and from Tel Aviv to Sao Paolo.

It provides important back-testing.

And it’s a reference tool you’ll turn to again and again. It even includes a 201-year Mercury retrograde ephemeris.

So it has a long shelf life, too!

Mercury Metrics

You’ll also want to check out Mercury Metrics.

That’s the quarterly supplement to the Mercury Money and the Markets book.

It’s a quick read, delivered via online download every 90 days.

It’s typically only about eight or ten pages long.

But the fact is, that’s as long as it needs to be.

It covers the key Mercury alignments that really move markets.

Including the not-so-common ones.

They can be a big boost to your trading.

And Mercury Metrics will definitely save you a lot of time in finding them.

So it’s well worth investing in a subscription.

But the bottom line is this:

With or without the Mercury book and the Mercury Metrics supplement, keep an eye on Mercury.

You’ll be glad you did.

Especially if you’re tracking Hong Kong Mercury retrograde periods.

Hong Kong In October

Speaking of Hong Kong, I’ve recently agreed to travel there later this year.

A group of advanced traders there has invited me to share some of our research on astro-trading, W. D. Gann, and market harmonics.

I’ll be doing that in a full-day workshop in Hong Kong on October 21.

I hope you can join me there – I’ll be sharing more details as they become available!




Solar Eclipse Stock Market Zone

We’re just about ready to release the massive new e-book on Global Game Change: Power and Profits at the Equinox Eclipse.

But as we focus on the potentially devastating solar eclipse stock market effects that can accompany the big Equinox Eclipse that’s coming up on Friday, March 20, we shouldn’t overlook the solar eclipse stock market impact of the last big solar eclipse as well.

That eclipse happened last October, but the solar eclipse stock market influence is still being felt, especially when we get planetary alignments that trigger sensitive points in the horoscope for that eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Stock Market Support
Solar eclipse stock market effects can include defining a support zone, as in the case of the eclipse on October 23, 2014.

As this chart for the S&P 500 Index shows, the price range on the date of that eclipse has created a support zone for the index since then, bounded by a high of 1961 and a low of 1931.

The Uranus/Pluto waxing square in December helped drive the markets lower, but the index didn’t penetrate the support zone generated by the solar eclipse stock market dynamics from October.

Lasting Solar Eclipse Stock Market Effects


Since that time prices have remained above that solar eclipse stock market support level, but the next Uranus/Pluto waxing square on March 16 may drive the S&P lower for yet another test of support.

If that support continues to hold firm past the Equinox Eclipse coming up on Friday, we can expect more bullish action ahead, but a break below that eclipse-defined trading range at any time during the next few months would be extremely bearish.

If that happens, we will reassess our bullish assumptions and recalculate our price targets.

Why Give Away A Free Astro-Trading Course?

I’ve been surprised at the number of people who’ve asked me about this.

The registration period for our new class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope is set to begin tomorrow, and the word has somehow leaked out about one of the bonuses that are being provided to the students who enroll.

It’s access to the entire course content for the high-powered program we did a couple of years ago on “The Confidential Astro-Trading Formula for Financial Independence” – all the videos, recordings, and downloads are included.

That class is a powerhouse of practical astro-trading information, and it was originally priced at $1,995.00 – by the way, that’s a good bit more than the entire tuition cost of the new How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope class!

So why am I giving it away?

Because I specifically want to encourage traders to participate in this new class, and I don’t want them to be scared away because the new class doesn’t have the word “TRADING” in the title!

This video has a few more details for you:

Beyond Stock Market Trading: Money Questions

Although most of my time and energy is focused on applying astrological methods to successful stock market trading, a lot of the people who read this blog seem to have more basic questions and concerns about the role of money in their lives, whether or not they’re personally involved in stock market trading or know anything at all about the astro-trading advantage.

That’s why I’m currently looking for ideas, suggestions, and comments as I move ahead with preparation for the new course on “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope”.

To be able to provide better content and a more rewarding learning experience for the participants in the new course, I’ve put together a brief survey to see what our friends, students, and followers are the most interested in.

It’s a very short survey— it should take no more than 7 or 8 minutes to answer the 5 or 6 questions that are included — and the more responses I get, the better the new course will be!

Whether you’re an active astro-trader, a student of W. D. Gann techniques, are just getting started with stock market trading, or simply interested in how you can turn your financial future around, if you can spare a few minutes to check it out and respond, I’d appreciate it — you’ll find the survey at:


Hope you can help me out with this!

Here’s The Solar Eclipse Webinar Recording!

We had an incredible string of technical glitches, broken links, and other snags in getting our Solar Eclipse Webinar up and running today, but at least we did manage to get a reasonably good video recording of the event.

The webinar focused on the April 29 solar eclipse, of course, but we also touched on the S&P 500, Apple Computer (AAPL), Gold, BitCoin, the Yen, the geopolitical situation, successful trades, and a whole lot more, including a specific trading strategy that can be applied to any solar eclipse.

We also highlighted the huge amount of information that’s just been published in the new e-book on “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”, and gave away a great free gift– if you watch the recording, you can get the gift, too.

When you check out the recording, be sure to have a pen and paper handy. There’s a lot here that you’ll want to remember!

The entire recording runs about an hour and 10 minutes.

You can watch the video for our webinar on  “Profits in the Shadows – How You Can Prepare for the April 29 Solar Eclipse” right here:


Silver & The Cycles of the Moon

I always enjoy my radio interviews with Michael Yorba.

The guests on his Traders Network program bring a variety of perspectives on the markets to the show, and our chats about the astro-trading advantage fit in nicely with the other experts on technical analysis, market timing, and trading techniques. So I always feel like I’m in great company.

On top of that, Michael really asks great questions. His skill as an interviewer always helps pull more relevant facts and details to the surface, and our conversations often go in directions that help us explore key dynamics in astro-trading that many of Michael’s listeners have never heard about before.

For example, during my interview with him on Thursday, we reviewed the impact of the recent lunar eclipse on equities and Gold. We discussed the upcoming Stock Market Collision Course and the Grand Cross that’s just ahead, as well as the new monograph on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets.

Then Michael asked me about using astrology for trading Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Copper.

It gave me a great opportunity to talk about the correlations between short-term Silver cycles and the various lunar dynamics that connect with Silver so strongly.

You can listen to the whole conversation here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Getting Up To Speed on Geopolitics & The Markets

For the past couple of months mundane astrologer Jim Cummins has been a regular contributor to the FinancialCyclesWeekly website, providing our members there with fabulous in-depth insights into the big events unfolding around the globe.

The information that he has shared is not only interesting and informative; it’s essential reading for anyone who wants to stay fully informed on the kinds of events that can upset the international balance of power and create the kind of turmoil that move the markets in significant ways.

If you’re one of our members, you’ve already gotten access to Jim’s outstanding work. But if you’re not a member, there’s now a limited-time opportunity for you to get free access to the first three articles Jim has contributed to FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

You can get all three articles as an instant pdf download, so you can read all the articles on your computer screen or print them out for future reference.

To get access, go to: http://bit.ly/BigPix


This eBay Listing Looks Like The Real Deal

Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course - 3rd Edition

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions during the last couple of days about a recent listing on eBay, auctioning off a copy of The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course.

Is this the genuine article? That seems to be the biggest concern.

It’s a legitimate question, since this course is now out-of-print and is no longer available from the publisher (unless they happen to have a stray copy hidden in a closet somewhere). The authenticity is also of some concern because in the past few months pirated downloadable copies of the course have appeared on warez web sites, claiming to offer this copyrighted material.

Those pirated downloads are not only illegal (they were duplicated and distributed without my permission) but they’re also just portions of an early edition of the course, so the information you get is incomplete and at least partially inaccurate as well.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case with the copy of the course that’s appearing on eBay.

From the looks of the photo and the description, this seems to be an authentic copy of the third edition of the real Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course. That version is a CD-only edition, with 31 audio CDs and one data CD in the complete set.

How the eBay seller is able to offer it at such a low starting bid is beyond me– when the course went out of print a couple of months ago, the publisher did offer a deep-discount clearance sale on the remaining copies it had; maybe that’s where this copy came from. But even if that’s the case, the $99 opening bid is only about one-tenth of the clearance sale price.

But anyway this does look like the real deal, so if the seller guarantees the authenticity it could give you a way to pick up an inexpensive copy of this valuable astro-trading resource.

You’ll find the eBay listing at:

Michael Yorba Raves About Astro-Trading

When I joined Michael Yorba as a special guest on his Traders Network radio show yesterday afternoon, he began our conversation with a question about the astro-trading advantage. “You cannot gain ultimate accuracy without having this advantage” in your trading, he said, and asked me to explain why it’s so important to apply astrological knowledge when we get into the market action.

When we use astrology in the markets we really do have an advantage, so I was grateful for the opportunity to comment on what planetary dynamics can offer active traders. Later in the interview, we also had a chance to talk about the current string of planetary retrogrades and their impact on the markets.

You can hear the complete 10-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Looking for a Push to a Fresh Trading Top

With so much big planetary action coming up this week after Thursday’s lunar syzygy New Moon, it’s easy to see that a big shift in the markets is likely to occur.

But how will that play out?

When I was interviewed yesterday by Michael Yorba on his radio show, we discussed the possibility of stock prices moving higher this week, culminating in a short-term trading top on Thursday or Friday.

If that scenario pans out, we could see prices start to fall in the markets either on Friday, January 31 or Monday, February 3.

In any case, we’ll be paying close attention to be alert to the development of big market moves.

Here’s a recording of my interview with Yorba on Monday:


click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, during the interview I mentioned the importance of Kronos in tracking the price of Gold. This transneptunian factor continues to give us amazing market correlations.

Here’s the chart I mentioned during the interview:

Gold Chart with Sun & Kronos 27 January 2014
The price action in the Gold market (shown here with daily bars for the World Gold Index) conforms dramatically to the planetary dynamics of the Sun and Kronos. The low last summer was at the Sun/Kronos conjunction, while the more recent low in December came at the Sun/Kronos opposition.