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Transneptunian One-Two Punch

The transneptunian one-two punch is making its presence felt.

But it’s understandable if you weren’t fully aware of what’s really going on.

Here’s the story.

Stocks put in a strong showing today. The rally was based on the potential for a US-China trade agreement.

At least that’s what the mainstream financial media would have you believe.

But for the most part they ignore the astrological dynamics behind the scenes. That’s where the real action is.

From the astro-trading perspective, we’re viewing things a little bit differently.

Transneptunian One-Two Punch
When Hades and Kronos slug it out, we can feel the impact in the markets!

The surge in stock prices coincided perfectly with the big Transneptunian One-Two Punch that we’ve been forecasting.

The Transneptunian One-Two Punch

What’s that all about?

Two transneptunians, Hades and Kronos, are now in the midst of back-to-back retrograde stations.

That’s an extremely powerful event.

We’ve been expecting it to have a big impact on the markets. Not just on stocks, but precious metals, bonds, futures, currencies and more.

We explored all the dynamics of this powerful event – including proven back-testing results – during our live training webinar a few days ago.

This advanced training session was all about The Transneptunian One-Two Punch.

It was an 88-minute event packed with valuable information you can use in your own trading right now.

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It truly set the stage for today’s big close to the trading week – and for the more challenging market action that lies just ahead.

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Double Retrograde Discussion with Larry Pesavento

When Larry Pesavento interviewed me this morning, we had a chance to talk about the impact of the recent double retrograde phenomenon.

We also took a look at the upcoming trends in the equities markets.

We even got in a bird’s eye view of the cryptocurrency markets.

Interview Recording

Here’s the entire interview, featuring the double retrograde impact and a whole lot more. It was broadcast earlier today on tfnn.com internet TV:

Double Retrograde Effect

The first of the trading charts that we shared with Larry during our conversation this morning dealt specifically with the double retrograde alignment. That’s what has coincided so sharply with the market action overall.

Solstice Energies

As we’ve noted repeatedly during the past few weeks, the Winter Solstice has the potential for triggering a short-term rally in stock prices.

Astro-Cycle Projection Dates

We found further confirmation for short-term swing action to the upside when we looked at this astro-cycle trading chart.

Solar Eclipse Webinar

We think that the solar eclipse coming up on January 5 is going to have an unexpectedly strong effect on the globe as a whole. That’s why I’m doing a special free webinar on the eclipse on December 28.

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Knowledge You Need For Astro-Trading Success

There’s a certain amount of knowledge you need to have if you’re going to be successful in the markets.

That’s especially true of astro-trading.

If you’re going to get involved in the markets, and actually make money, you need to know how the markets work.

That’s true no matter what kind of trading techniques you use.

In astro-trading, though, there’s also knowledge you need to have about astrology.

And that’s more than just sun-sign astrology.

Like whether you’re a Scorpio or a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Real astrology goes a lot deeper than that.

The astrology knowledge you need for success in the markets is deeper, too.

But you have to start somewhere.

Getting The Knowledge You Need

Let’s be honest.

Astrology is a huge subject.

There’s really no end to all the stuff you can learn about it.

And getting the knowledge you need for success is a lot like eating an elephant.

You do it one bite at a time.

If you keep biting, and keep chewing, you’ll eventually digest it.

And that’s when you’ll really start to see the payoff!

But the fact is, it’s always been hard to get reliable information about astro-trading.

There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions.

For many years, if you wanted to master astrological trading you really had to work at it.

It was the same whether you wanted to trade stocks, commodities, or futures.

You had to gather information from a lot of different sources.

You had to study hard.

And in many cases, you could waste a lot of time and energy. You could burn yourself out, running down rabbit trails that led to nowhere.

I Decided To Make A Change

When I was learning, I faced the same kind of challenges.

Mastering financial astrology took me years and years of hard work.

But when I got it figured out, I decided to direct my energies toward helping others learn what I had learned.

I wanted to make it easier for you to get the knowledge you need to succeed.

So 18 years ago I started putting together a Basic Stock Market Astrology Course.

It began as a live classroom experience.

The recordings from that class became a home-study program.

Hundreds of people around the world used it get an introduction to market astrology.

And during the years since it was first released, that course has gone through a lot of improvements.

The most recent version, which sold for $2,395, included 31 CDs, a bonus DVD, and a 250-workbook.

As production costs increased, that edition eventually became too expensive to distribute. It went out of print a few years ago.

A Big Announcement

But now, I’m pleased to announce, there’s a brand-new version of this powerful astro-trading training program available at last!

It’s Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0.

It features a huge amount of information. After all, its goal is to go the extra mile in making sure you get the knowledge you need for astro-trading success.

For more details on the course, take a look at this video:


As you may have gathered, there’s a lot to this over-the-top Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0 course.

knowledge you need in this course outline

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How You Can Get Quick Gann Results

One of the great things about the new course in Gann Plan Trading Success is how fast it can help you get real results.

The whole class is just four weeks. You can get the unique information from the course, get your key questions answered, and get right down to applying the W. D. Gann methods so you can see the results in your own trading without delay.

Will this class make you a Gann expert?

Of course not.

But it will help you get up to speed very rapidly, so you can using W. D. Gann techniques in your forecasting and trading without any time wasted.

You’ll love the results you see.

You’re going to experience rapid progress.

It will probably stretch your imagination so much that you’ll start to see the opportunities in the markets in a totally new and different way.

You’re going to love the excitement of seeing unlimited possibilities for your life.

And yeah, you’ll probably wind up wanting to know even more about W. D. Gann and his remarkable approach to the markets.

You’re going to love that, too!

Mars and Pluto Are Ready To Rumble

We’ve known for a long time that interactions of Mars and Pluto can move the markets in significant ways.

But the situation coming up a little later this month is really quite different.


Sure, Mars and Pluto are definitely both involved.

But what’s going on is not a super-powerful angular alignment between these two action-oriented planets.

That’s what we’re typically looking for when we search for potentially profitable opportunities as astro-traders.

This Time It’s Different

This time, however, it’s the speed and direction of Mars and Pluto that are important.

Mars will be going retrograde on April 17, and then, only 19 hours later, Pluto will be making its retrograde station as well.

Needless to say, that’s an extremely rare event.

It also has the potential to deliver a powerful one-two punch on the markets!

Exactly What Will Mars and Pluto Do?

Figuring out the exact implications for the markets is surprisingly complex.

In order to do that, I’ve been engaged in extensive research and back-testing.

I’ve also referred back to some of the previous studies on Mars/Pluto dynamics that we’ve done in past years here at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com – including our ground-breaking white paper on “Mars/Pluto Market Activations 2012-2025” (which has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource since it was published).

I’ve compiled the results, and will be sharing it all during a special webinar on Wednesday, April 6.

Enrollment for this in-depth conversation is limited, but because this is such important information for traders we’re discounting the tuition fee by 83%.

It’s also going to be a live, interactive session, which means you can get your specific questions answered in real time during this exclusive online event.

You’ll definitely want to register right away to reserve your seat for the webinar on How Mars and Pluto Could Devastate The Markets.

Hope to see you there!

Webinar Update – April 7, 2016

We had a great crowd at the event, with some excellent questions during the session.

You can get the full-length video recording of this important conversation by CLICKING HERE.


An Astro-Trading Oil Prices Chart?

As I noted recently in the latest installment of the Astro-Traders Tip of the Week, the big event that astro-traders need to keep an eye on right now is the conjunction of the Sun with Neptune at 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday night, February 25.

Potential EuroZone Confusion

This alignment will take place at 7 degrees Pisces, a position that puts it in conjunction with Saturn in the May 17, 1876 horoscope for the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

While that connection suggests that we’ll want to watch for continuing developments in EU politics during the coming weeks, the Sun/Neptune combination promotes confusion and illusory thinking in general. This could mean some speculative opportunities that seem to be too good to be true (and probably are), along with duplicity, muddled market signals, and self-deception.

Why An Oil Prices Chart?

But Neptune is also traditionally associated with petroleum, so a horoscope for the conjunction tonight could in one sense be considered an oil prices chart as well.

Sun Neptune 2015 Oil Prices Chart
The 90-degree dial presentation of the horoscope for the Sun/Neptune conjunction on February 25 can function as an oil prices chart if we pay attention to the midpoint structures.

The Sun/Neptune conjunction aligns with the midpoint of Chiron and Admetos, which suggests problematic circumstances with regard to basic raw materials, including petroleum. I noted the roles of Neptune and Admetos in a recent blog post on oil prices chart considerations.

Stressful situations like this one that include a Chiron factor often turn out to be blessings in disguise, however, especially for the financial players that have hidden interests or unexpected connections.

Note as well that the Sun/Neptune conjunction also activates the Hades/Poseidon midpoint (defective thinking, unclear communications, core deficiencies). There’s also an impact here on the Uranus/Apollon alignment (the tension of uncertainty impacted by sudden shifts in supply and demand).

Stock Trading Possibilities

While all these factors contribute to the usefulness of the Sun/Neptune conjunction horoscope as an oil prices chart, there are also opportunities for profitable stock market trades that accompany the Sun/Neptune conjunction.

As we noted in a recent article at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com, “this planetary aspect typically follows an upward-trending market, which tends to culminate about nine or ten days after the alignment, prior to a strong sell-off.” That could offer some short-term trading opportunities now for savvy astro-traders – you can read about “The Sun/Neptune Conjunction and the S&P” HERE.

Jim Cramer – Obnoxious Idiot?

I got an email yesterday morning from Norman Winski.

I’ve known Norman for a long time.

He’s been involved in astro-trading and astrological analysis for many years now.

He’s looked at market trends, with a special eye towards commodities, and has published a monthly astro-trading newsletter with amazing consistency.

I’m always curious about what he has to say about the current market climate.

But yesterday Norman Winski was contacting me because he had just read the latest issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, issue #1449.

The front-page article was about the latest challenges faced by CNBC TV host Jim Cramer and the miserable market performance of the company that Jim Cramer co-founded, TheStreet Inc.

Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer

It was my mentioning Jim Cramer that caught Norman Winski’s attention.

“It is my opinion,” Norman said, “that most of the traders I know think Jim Cramer is an obnoxious idiot and change the channel as soon as he comes on.”

As usual, Norman is great at expressing a strong opinion.

But I’m not sure he really got the point I was trying to make about Jim Cramer in my newsletter article.

Is Jim Cramer Really An Obnoxious Idiot?

Sure, Jim Cramer can be pretty obnoxious.

You might even say that he’s taken being obnoxious to the level of an art form.

That abrasive persona he cultivates on his “Mad Money” program  helps make him such a polarizing figure.

It’s also what give him enormous audience appeal. In my FinancialCyclesWeekly.com newsletter article I mentioned his over-the-top behavior as one key to his being such a consummate entertainer.


Notice that I said “Entertainer” and not “Market Guru”!

And as I mentioned in my newsletter article, it’s that incredible skill as an entertainer – and not his ability as a market prognosticator – that makes it important for us to keep up with what Jim Cramer is doing.

He often moves public opinion about the markets. That’s true whether or not individuals choose to follow his investment advice.

And because he’s so emotional in his presentations, he embodies one of the most important dynamics of the markets. The old adage is that markets are driven by fear and greed.

Jim Cramer adds an element of hysteria. That alone makes the markets easier to understand, at least for some people.

And the fact is, just because he acts like an idiot on-camera, it doesn’t mean he’s actually an idiot.

That’s not necessarily the conclusion you might reach if you consider his background. Like his Harvard Law degree, his writing, or his skills as an analyst.

Trouble On TheStreet

The real focus of my article in the newsletter, however, wasn’t Jim Cramer’s apparent idiocy or even his entertainment value.

The big story about Jim Cramer now is the criticism he’s been getting.

It’s coming from J. Carlo Cannell, the investor who owns about 9 percent of TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ – TST). That’s the company that Jim Cramer co-founded with Martine Peretz, editor of The New Republic.

Cannell is unhappy with the stock’s performance, and rightfully so.

TST stock is down about 96% from its high in 1999.

But what J. Carlo Cannell may not be taking into account is the astrology that’s been working behind the scenes on Jim Cramer’s natal horoscope.

Jim Cramer Saturn Return
Jim Cramer has just completed his second Saturn Return. This chart shows the final alignment on October 4, 2014. The first two passages in the series came earlier in the year, on January 6 and April 28.

Jim Cramer just completed his second Saturn Return. This means that 2014 is a watershed year for him personally. It gives him an opportunity to create new structures in his life and in his business dealings.

It’s a time when Jim Cramer may feel a lot of stress. But it can also be a time when he lays the foundation for some very big, very profitable changes, with or without the approval of J. Carlo Cannell.

Helical Market Vortex Harmonics

It’s no secret that the markets move to a universal rhythm. It’s a rhythm that creates a market vortex. It’s the engine that drives prices up and down.

That rhythm is revealed through astrology.

To astro-traders who are willing to dig a little deeper it also opens up a wealth of mathematical patterns and relationships.

You may have encountered some of those patterns and relationships before. Some of them are favorites of traders and market theorists who are eager to explore esoteric forces and hidden harmonies.

Like the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Or the remarkable progression of wave impulses documented in the Elliott Wave Theory.

And, as it turns out, it’s a also a key to an accurate understanding of the Sun’s influence on the solar system.

Can You Visualize The Solar Action Behind The Market Vortex?

Copernicus had the revolutionary idea that the Sun is at the center of the solar system, but he didn’t visualize the helical dynamic that drives the market vortex.

You’re probably used to the old two-dimensional textbook models of how the solar system operates. That’s why it can be a little tough to get this kind of dynamic imagery in your mind. But you need to be able to do that to understand the power of the market vortex properly.

Animation helps.

That’s what you’ll find in this video. Right now it’s gotten more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. That may seem like a lot. But not really. Basically it means this is still cutting-edge stuff:

This cosmic unfolding may well be part of the master pattern that generates the market vortex in stock, bond, and commodity markets around the world. Although we may not be conscious of it at the time, we can see the results in the market news at the end of each trading day.

But think about it.

With the Sun behaving in this way, is it any wonder that seasonal influences have such a strong impact on price trends in all the markets?

Understanding the true power of this market vortex – and learning to use its force intelligently – is what the astro-trading advantage is all about.

These Markets Got Whacked By The Solar Eclipse

As we looked at the U.S. stock market in the weeks prior to yesterday’s solar eclipse, my analysis indicated that we were likely to see a sell-off between the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 and the solar eclipse on April 29, followed by a rebound into a modest rally right after the eclipse.

As it turned out, the pre-eclipse selling wasn’t quite as intense or as sustained as I had anticipated, but it did help define a support zone for the S&P 500, providing a springboard for a lively upward move. That bullish impulse is currently at play in the equities market — at least in U.S. stocks, where the Dow Jones Industrials closed at a new record high again today.

It’s important to note, however, that not all markets respond to eclipses in the same way.

In this case the Taurus solar eclipse actually brought some markets down fairly sharply, instead of giving them a boost like U.S. equities got recently.

What’s interesting to note is that the markets that started selling off instead of going into rally mode were in the part of the world that’s under the partial area of the shadow of the solar eclipse– Australia and Indonesia.

April 2014 Eclipse Path
The Path of the Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014

Here are the trading charts that show these strong alignments at work in altering the market action just prior to and after the Solar Eclipse.

2014 April 29 Solar Eclipse Effect on All Ordinaries
The Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 had a strong impact on the All Ordinaries Index in Sydney, Australia.


2014 April 29 solar eclipse impact on Jakarta Stock Exchange
The Indonesian Composite Index on the Jakarta Stock Exchange started its sell-out as the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse approched.

Will The Apple Magic Survive The Solar Eclipse?

Apple Computer (AAPL) defied gravity after the closing bell yesterday and posted some surprisingly solid earnings for its fiscal second quarter, with 15% EPS growth. In trading today, on April 24, 2014, the stock gapped upward on the opening bell and then soared up aggressively to finish the trading day with an 8.20% gain in a single session.

The mainstream “experts” gave the credit to Apple’s solid earnings, of course. And Wall Street is gaga about the company’s plans for a 7-to-1 stock split.

From the astro-trading perspective, a glance at the AAPL First-Trade horoscope reveals that the earnings announcement yesterday afternoon came on a Lunar Return for the stock, with the incredibly powerful Cardinal Grand Cross activating the First-Trade Mars/Apollon square (“successful actions and expansion; a rising of the market”).

But will AAPL do so well as the next big Solar Eclipse hits?

That significant event is coming up next Tuesday, setting the stage for major action in geopolitics, in personal relationships, and in the markets.

Just to provide some perspective, here’s what’s happened with the S&P 500 when Solar Eclipses have occurred during the past few years:

As you can see from the chart, Solar Eclipses don’t coincide with every major market top or bottom, but they do connect with key inflection points in the trading dynamic to make it worth our time to pay attention to them when they occur.

And since AAPL is in the news today, here’s another example of the kind of effect Solar Eclipses can have:

This weekly chart for Apple Computer (AAPL) shows how sensitive this stock is to the effect of Solar Eclipses. This is true for many individual equities, which is why they are a core part of our trading strategy at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

The great thing about Solar Eclipses is that by using the tools of astro-trading we can learn about them in advance, and forecast their potential impact on the markets.

That impact varies from eclipse to eclipse, so it’s important to have up-to-date information based on the most recent eclipse research. To meet that need, we’re currently providing these resources:


It’s called “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”:. This new publication contains state-of-the art analysis and research, along with detailed forecasts, suggested trading strategies, specific eclipse activation dates, and a whole lot more. You can get more information and get your copy as an instant download at:



We’ll be getting together online for this special event at 1:00 p.m. Central Time on Saturday, April 26. It’s totally free to attend, but you need to register in advance to reserve your seat. It’s sure to be a fun time, and we’ll also make sure that you get plenty of solid insights and information you can put to work in your own trading right away. Get registered for this free webinar right now at: