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What’s Happening with Gold Trading Astrology?

With the situation in Iraq spiraling downward so precipitously and lots of uncertainty hitting the markets for Crude Oil, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see Gold getting some extra attention.

The yellow metal typically climbs in price whenever there’s some kind of geopolitical crisis brewing.

But in this case, we need to be paying attention to Gold trading astrology, too. It looks like Gold is getting some help from the Sun/Kronos combination that has had such a profound effect on the price of the precious metal in recent years.

In particular, we got a Sun/Kronos parallel last week as Gold was moving into rally mode; that parallel of declination will be coming into play toward the end of the month, as we get ready for the Sun/Kronos conjunction on June 29.

My expectation is that the Sun/Kronos conjunction then will give us the trigger we need for a substantial rally in Gold as we move into July and August.

If that’s the case, then the response we’ve seen in the last week with the Sun/Kronos parallel is just a preview of coming attractions!

By the way, you can see a chart for Gold that features the Sun/Kronos dynamics on the FinancialCyclesWeekly.com website. Check it out at:


And while you’re at it, be sure to print out the list of Sun/Kronos alignments at:


Looking for a Push to a Fresh Trading Top

With so much big planetary action coming up this week after Thursday’s lunar syzygy New Moon, it’s easy to see that a big shift in the markets is likely to occur.

But how will that play out?

When I was interviewed yesterday by Michael Yorba on his radio show, we discussed the possibility of stock prices moving higher this week, culminating in a short-term trading top on Thursday or Friday.

If that scenario pans out, we could see prices start to fall in the markets either on Friday, January 31 or Monday, February 3.

In any case, we’ll be paying close attention to be alert to the development of big market moves.

Here’s a recording of my interview with Yorba on Monday:


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By the way, during the interview I mentioned the importance of Kronos in tracking the price of Gold. This transneptunian factor continues to give us amazing market correlations.

Here’s the chart I mentioned during the interview:

Gold Chart with Sun & Kronos 27 January 2014
The price action in the Gold market (shown here with daily bars for the World Gold Index) conforms dramatically to the planetary dynamics of the Sun and Kronos. The low last summer was at the Sun/Kronos conjunction, while the more recent low in December came at the Sun/Kronos opposition.

Gold Charts I’m Sharing With Yorba’s Listeners

When I’m interiewed by Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio program later today, I plan to talk about a couple of trading charts that illustrate the power of Sun/Kronos conjunctions in moving the price of Gold.


Gold with 4th-harmonic Sun/Kronos
This chart shows the planetary price lines for the Sun (the green diagonal lines) and Kronos (the horizontal purple lines), with the first-harmonic lines a little bolder than the rest. Note what happens to the price of Gold when there are first-harmonic crossing points.


Gold Sun/Kronos Conjunct
Here’s a closeup of what’s happened with Gold since the latest Sun/Kronos conjunction.