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Yorba’s Questions About A Stock Market Trading Top

“Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the market, Tim.”

That’s what Michael Yorba said at the end of our televised interview yesterday.

He’s been getting the bugs out of his new TV production format, but the format itself is secondary to the high-quality content his show consistently delivers.

During our interview yesterday we discussed the planetary factors that are ganging up right now to make a stock market trading top a bigger probability – including the Super Moon, the Mercury Retrograde Return, the Jupiter Ingress, and of course the big Jupiter/Apollon waning square that’s already shaking things up so much.

You can watch the entire segment from yesterday’s show right here:

SuperMoon Fact and Fiction

During the past few days I’ve been getting all kinds of questions about this weekend’s SuperMoon. Some of them have been pretty amazing:

“Isn’t this an extremely rare event, one that only happens about every 80 to 100 years?”

“Since the Moon is coming so dangerously close to Earth, couldn’t the SuperMoon disturb Earth’s orbit enough to send it closer to the Sun, speeding up global warming and creating a real climate crisis?”

“Isn’t this weird appearance of a SuperMoon really a Divine warning that the End Times are near?”

In each case, the answers are no, no, and no.

Here are the facts.

We get a SuperMoon any time there’s a syzygy (a New Moon or a Full Moon) near a lunar perigee, which is the point in the Moon’s regular cycle when it is closest to the Earth.

There’s a lunar perigee once each month, as well as a New Moon and a Full Moon, but not every month has a SuperMoon. Even so, SuperMoons aren’t all that rare– we typically get four or five of them during the course of a year.

In 2013 there are three SuperMoons: on May 25, on June 23, and on July 22.

With a Full Moon SuperMoon, like the one this weekend, watching the Full Moon can be pretty spectacular, especially when it’s rising in the East as the Sun is setting. It’s a great time for mood music and romance, and the SuperMoon can bring extremes in the high tides at the beach.

There are times, too, when SuperMoons have coincided with seismic events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as well as with big market moves. But by itself a SuperMoon isn’t an adequate predictor of major events– it must be seen in the context of the other astrological dynamics taking place when it occurs.

And that’s exactly why we’re watching this weekend’s SuperMoon with paricular interest. It comes hot on the heels of last week’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction and the Summer Solstice, and its effect carries us into the Jupiter cafdinal ingress, the Mercury retrograde station, and the Zeus direct station during the week ahead.

With or without a SuperMoon, this is a very challenging time for the markets, but at the very least the intensifying effect of the SuperMoon is sure to make our work as astro-traders a lot more interesting!

Super Moon Rising

Right now I’m sitting on the upstairs balcony of my penthouse condo, listening to the traffic on the bridge nearby and the growl of the jet-skis below me as they make their final frantic passes through the water before heading for shore as darkness sets in.

And, of course, there’s a stunningly gorgeous orange Moon rising above the Manatee River, full and at perigee– a Super Moon for sure!

This extra-intense lunar alignment definitely added to the size of the pull-back we saw in the stock market yesterday, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see it influencing the market action on Monday as well.

But this powerful Full Moon is just one of the cosmic factors that astro-traders need to keep an eye on during the coming weeks. In fact, I reviewed a whole series of the phenomena we’ll be watching during my conversation with Michael Yorba yesterday on his Traders Network radio show.

I also posted this trading chart on Michael’s social network page:
You can listen to the whole interview from yesterday’s show here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, during the interview I told Michael that “Super Moon” was not a term used by astronomers or astrologers, but was just something the media made up.

I was wrong.

As Roberto Garcia, one of our active Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com, so kindly reminded me after the interview, the term “Super Moon” was coined a few years back by astrologer Richard Nolle. I had forgotten that!

My apologies to Richard, who has done some extraordinary work on lunar cycles and other phenomena. Take a look at his Table of 21st Century Super Moon Alignments to see for yourself!