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Financial Astrology at TraderPlanet.com

The TraderPlanet.com website asked me to contribute an article on financial astrology for their site, and it appeared there yesterday.

I’ve really been pleased with the positive response it’s been getting!

In the article, I discuss the basic strategies behind using astrology in trading, and explain why it’s so important to have the astro-trading advantage if you’re active in the markets.

Since the article was scheduled for publication just after this week’s solar eclipse, I also included some specific information about the ways that eclipses can move the markets.

I even added a couple of charts that illustrate just how dramatic the effects of eclipses can be!

You can read the article by going to http://www.traderplanet.com/articles/view/162297-financial-astrology-can-boost-your-trading-results/.

Take a look– and when you visit the site, be sure to “like” the article and leave a comment!

We want to do all we can to encourage mainstream trading sits like this to pay more attention to the power of financial astrology and the astro-trading advantage!

Mercury, Money & The Markets is now available!

Mercury, Money & The Markets

Mercury, Money & The Markets is here at last!

It’s just been released by Harmonic Research Associates.

Mercury, Money & The Markets provides an in-depth look at the impact of Mercury retrograde periods on market activity.

It also takes a look at personal strategies for coping with the times when Mercury is retrograde. These can be applied to activities and decisions on an individual basis. They can also inform trading activity.

And that’s not all.

In the pages of the book you’ll also find details about Mercury’s ipact on specific markets. These include stock indices from around the world, as well as each of the stocks included in the Dow jones Industrial Average.

Mercury, Money & The Markets Is At Amazon

Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world, so it’s especially great to see my new book, Mercury, Money and the Markets: Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short-Term Astro-Trading available for sale there!

You can click here to see the Amazon listing for yourself. If you order a copy, please be sure to post your review on the Amazon page– especially if you like the book!

The new book has already brought in some rave reviews.

You can also order directly from the publisher at HarmonicResearchAssociates.com — they’re currently offering a special discount.