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Southwest Airlines Trade Nets 16%

Our Gold-Plus Elite members here at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com closed out a very successful trade on Thursday, when we got stopped out of our position in Southwest Airlines (LUV) stock trade.

We had originally discussed this trade during our members conference call on Sunday evening, October 19, when we talked about the planetary harmonics influencing the price action in this stock. That day we also published this trading chart in the Gold-Plus Elite members area of our website, showing the planetary price lines that helped structure the price action for this stock.

LUV 02

During that conference call, we discussed some of the upcoming planetary transits which could add some trading volatility to the stock during the coming week, and suggested that an entry point on Friday, October 24  might allow for a more advantageous purchase price in a long position in Southwest Airlines stock.

Our Gold-Plus Elite members entered the trade on Friday, October 24 at a purchase price of 33.40, and we put 300 shares at that price in our Model Portfolio on that date. After that, our Gold-Plus Elite members got specific trade management instructions, and repeatedly raised the stop-loss level on the trade to lock in profits as the stock for Southwest Airlines advanced.

LUV 03

When we got stopped out of the trade on Thursday, November 20, we had been in the position for 19 trading days, and netted a profit of $1,605 on our 300-share position.

This was a profitable return of 16.02 percent with just 19 days of market exposure, a vivid demonstration of the astro-trading advantage.

Congratulations to our Gold-Plus Elite members!

Why We’re Having A Special Webinar

The markets are clearly going through a major shift right now, and a lot of traders are wondering what to do next.

Are we going to see a big rebound in equities, or should we be looking for a major crash?

Because of those questions, I’ve decided to put together a special webinar next Monday, January 27.

It’s called “5 Private Reserve Trading Tactics“.

The reason I’m dipping into my “private reserve” to talk about these tactics is because I’m convinced that following these specific actions will give you the best results in the markets time after time, no matter which direction the market is headed.

And in a turbulent situation like this one, that’s like money in the bank.

Hope you can join us for the webinar on Monday– the details are at:


A Week of Big Profits for Our Gold-Plus Elite Members

Financial astrology never fails to demonstrate the extraordinary and extremely beautiful ways that actions in the markets connect with the rhythms of planetary harmonics.

But the practical application of financial astrology in astro-trading is not just about the esthetics of cosmic harmonies and the music of the spheres– it’s also a pragmatic system for increasing profitability in our trading activities so that we can make money more successfully.

I was reminded of that fact yesterday when I was reviewing the trading results that our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com got last week with our Model Portfolio of equities trades.

It was a record-breaking week that brought some extremely positie results. Our Gold-Plus Elite members closed five trades, with three winners and two losers. While that may not seem particularly impressive, a closer look reveals the true power of the astro-trading advantage.

Here’s what happened:

On Tuesday, August 2, they sold 200 shares of United Therapeutics Corporation (UTHR) at 74.60, taking a profit of $570.00 on the trade. They had bought UTHR on July 29 for 71.75 a share, so this was a 3.97% gain in just 6 trading days.

Their remaining four trades last week all took place on Wednesday, August 7.

They sold 600 shares of Genworth Financial Inc. (GNW) at 12.60, taking a loss of $360.00 (a 4.55% loss in 7 trading days).

They sold 200 shares of Honeywell International Inc. (HON) at 83.50, taking a profit of $112.00 (a 0.68% gain in 12 trading days).

They sold 200 shares of Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. (NUS) at 84.50, taking a profit of $4,460.00. They had paid 62.20 a share for NUS on July 5, so this was an impressive 35.85% gain in 23 trading days.

Finally on Wednesday they also sold 100 shares of  Toyota Motor Corporation ADR (TM) at 127.55. They had bought this stock the day before, but the direction of the trade wasn’t favorable so they took a quick loss of $165.00 (a 1.28% loss in 1 trading day).

With a total of $5,142.00 in profits versus just $525.00 in losses, that was a net profit of $4,617.00 for the week as a whole. That’s pretty exciting, especially when you consider the fact that our Gold-Plus Elite members just spend 28 minutes each week in a planning session on our regular conference calls. That’s when they get their members-only information on exactly what to trade, when to trade it, and how to maximize the profits of the trades they take.

If you’re personally one of our Gold-Plus Elite members, you deserve a big round of applause for an outstanding performance!

If you’re NOT a Gold-Plus Elite member yet, why not?

You can join this money-making program on a trial basis for just $97. Go to http://bit.ly/FCWgpe for details.

More Great Astro-Trading Results from Our Gold-Plus Elite Group

The hits just keep on coming!

During the past couple of weeks our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com, an inner circle group that gets expert astro-trading guidance regularly, have pulled in some big profits from their stock market trades.

These trades are featured each week in the FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, and our Gold-Plus Elite members get the added benefit of specific strategies for setting up their trades, including how to position themselves in the market, when to take each trade, and how to protect themselves against big trading losses.

Over the past two weeks the members who followed our Model Portfolio strategy pulled in over $3,500 in profits from trades that had an 80% success rate.

To get all the details on these money-making trades just CLICK HERE.

Our growing team of Gold-Plus Elite members are well on their way to discovering what the astro-trading advantage is all about – congratulations to them all!

Solar Eclipse Sets Up Big Trading Opportunities

The solar eclipse earlier this week clearly had a major impact on the stock market, but it also set up some excellent trading opportunities, too!

Since 2007 I’ve put a lot of work into studying the effects of solar eclipses.

With each solar eclipse that has taken place I’ve looked into the historical eclipses which have had connections or similarities to the current event, doing extensive research to get a better perspective on the kind of economic and political trends that have been associated with these precursor eclipses, as well as some insights into the potential impact on the markets.

The by-product of that research has been a series of monographs, an Eclipse Report on each individual eclipse, published as a downloadable e-book by Harmonic Research Associates. (You can find a complete listing of these monographs by clicking HERE).

As a part of those Eclipse Report monographs, I’ve developed a specific strategy for trading with eclipses, and it’s been enormously successful in setting up profitable equities trades.

In fact, over 93% of the trades we’ve taken using the Eclipse Astro-Trading Strategy have been profitable!

Take a look at this new 9-minute YouTube video, which describes this trading strategy in some detail:

As you can see, trading with eclipses can be quite worthwhile. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your copy of the latest monograph, “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012:  Its Impact on the Markets” at http://bit.ly/Eclipse1211.

The potential profits from the current eclipse trades are all ready and waiting for you!

Another Great Week for Our Gold-Plus Elite Members

Kudos to our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com!

Even though the stock market as a whole was down last week, they cashed in on some short-term trades and walked away with some very attractive profits.

For the trading week ending on September 28, the Dow Industrials were down by 1.05% and the S&P 500 fell 1.33%. The NASDAQ Composite dropped 2.00% and the Russell 2000 lost 2.11%.

But our Gold-Plus Elite members closed 6 trades, with one trade losing $85.00 and the remaining 5 trades bringing in a total profit of $1,790.00.

Those winning Model Portfolio trades had an average ROI of 3.40%, with the market exposure in each trade lasting less than 9 trading days on average — in other words, our Gold-Plus Elite members were in and out of their market positions in less than two calendar weeks, but pocketed profits that would have taken them about seven years to earn if they had put their money in savings accounts at today’s interest rates!

Check out the record of the week’s trades for yourself to get the details.

The best thing, of course, is that our Gold-Plus Elite members don’t have to be expert traders to get these results — and they don’t have to know anything about astrology, either. They can enjoy the full benefit of the astro-trading advantage without specialized knowledge because our Gold-Plus Elite membership is a complete, done-for-you program that provides the ultimate in hand-holding guidance so you can trade with a minimum amount of time, effort, and anxiety.

All trading involves financial risk, of course, and our Gold-Plus Elite members do have some losing trades as well as winners. But winning weeks like this past one pay for the membership many times over!