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Three Planetary Stations In A Single Week

It’s a remarkable week we’re having, with three planetary stations in just four trading days.

The Saturn Impact

On Monday, May 11, Saturn began its retrograde motion at 01°57′ Aquarius.

It triggered the transiting Cupido/Admetos midpoint, prompting confrontations between opposing factions within communities, resulting in dire straights for the whole group.

Saturn also activated the Zeus/Poseidon midpoint to open up situations that are like to focus hard evidence and formal proof, revealing specific test results and bringing in expert testimony.

Think congressional hearings.

Venus Offers Creative Opportunities

Earlier today, on Wednesday, May 13, Venus went retrograde, too.

This Venus retrograde station at 21°50′ Gemini triggers the Sun/Zeus midpoint, promoting creative devotion in pursuing major goals.

In a crisis-driven atmosphere marked with political tension and public confrontations, a little creativity could go a long way!

Venus brings one of three planetary stations.
Venus brings us just one of the three planetary stations this week.

And, as our back-testing chart shows, Venus retrograde stations can also have a mildly bullish impact on stock prices, at least for a few weeks.

And Jupiter will get into the act tomorrow.

On Thursday Jupiter will go retrograde at 27°14′ Capricorn.

As it does so, it will activate Sun/Aries and Moon/Aries alignments. This could bring a massive burst of positive energy to promote a happy populace.

Even if that positive energy is based on misinformation.

So What About The Markets?

But what does it actually mean to have three planetary stations in a single week like this?

That’s what I talked with Larry Pesavento about yesterday.

We  had a great chance to chat during his Trade What You See show on TFNN. We had originally scheduled the session during our last conversation on May 1, when I shared a forecast for the S&P.

Talking With Larry Pesavento About The Three Planetary Stations This Week

Thanks to the universal disruption caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the bandwidth for our conversation got a little sketchy at times.

But even though we had some problems with sound and internet connections along the way, the point still came across:

A week with three planetary stations is definitely a big deal.

Here’s the replay video. See what you think!

Brett Kavanaugh Birth Time

Brett Kavanaugh was a big point of focus during our special Venus In Reverse workshop last week.

He wasn’t the sole topic, of course.

We also provided detailed forecasts for Gold, Crude Oil, the Hang Seng, the S&P and a whole lot more.

But with the Venus retrograde period just ahead of us – and with Supreme CourtVen nominee Brett Kavanaugh very much in the media spotlight, his name certainly came up.

Brett Kavanaugh
Judge Brett Kavanaugh

When we had our workshop on Tuesday, September 25, the accusations about his personal history of sexual assault were just starting to percolate.

Two days later, on September 27, Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford both testified under oath before the U.S.Senate Judiciary Committee.

Then on Friday, the Senate Committee voted to send the nomination to the full Senate, but with the provision that the FBI re-open its background check into the candidate.

That’s when I put together a short video detailing some of the potential Venus repercussions for Brett Kavanaugh.

I posted it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/5gPlKQT6_To

A Rectified Birth Time From Ivey Henderson

That six-minute video, along with its revelations about the Venus cycle, has been producing some interesting responses, including an email from Ivey Henderson.

Ivey wrote me:

“I just viewed your YouTube clip of Kavanaugh and retrograde Venus….

“I have a rectified time…. of his birth and i can’t state its accuracy. Time used 3:38:44 am.

“As I see it Hades/Venus stands out strongly in his chart by itself…. It seems that retrogradeVenus re-enforces his being drawn to females whom he feel would be easy marks.

“Using the natal Hades/Venus midpoint and the pointer on the Node make an aspect to the this midpoint.

“While also on the date in which Venus goes retrograde… it is pulled into the picture.
What I also find interesting is creating a three part planetary picture…. Hades + Venus -Node which indicates  Connection with prostitutes. Connection with low people, who offer their services.”

Brett Kavanaugh On The 90-Degree Dial

Brett Kavanaugh Venus Station Dial
Brett Kavanaugh 90-Degree Dial with transiting positions at the Venus retrograde station on October 5, 2018

This dial illustrates the planetary dynamics that Ivey Henderson mentioned.

Based on the rectified birth time, it’s worth noting that the Venus retrograde station also activates Kavanaugh’s natal Mars/Ascendant midpoint. That’s an appropriate representation of his explosive public anger and outbursts during the Committee hearing last week!

For more on the upcoming Venus retrograde cycle, be sure to get the workshop recording at http://bit.ly/ven925

Retrograde Parade Video – Market Analysis

When I talked with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show on Thursday afternoon, the stock market hadn’t closed for the day, but the S&P was up. As it turned out, that index not only finished the day higher, but went on Friday to hit an even higher high, bringing the S&P 500 back within range of a fresh all-time high.

This confirms the Mercury retrograde uptrend I was talking about with Michael as an effect of the Retrograde Parade we’re currently experiencing. As usual, the planets are having a big impact on the price action in the markets!

Prior to my interview with Michael on Thursday, I posted an S&P 500 trading chart that illustrated the typical effects we can experience when Mercury is retrograde. Since the close yesterday, I’ve updated that chart with current prices, and have also put together this 6-minute video that provides some additional information about the Retrograde Parade, including the recent price action during the Venus retrograde period in December and January:


Michael Yorba Raves About Astro-Trading

When I joined Michael Yorba as a special guest on his Traders Network radio show yesterday afternoon, he began our conversation with a question about the astro-trading advantage. “You cannot gain ultimate accuracy without having this advantage” in your trading, he said, and asked me to explain why it’s so important to apply astrological knowledge when we get into the market action.

When we use astrology in the markets we really do have an advantage, so I was grateful for the opportunity to comment on what planetary dynamics can offer active traders. Later in the interview, we also had a chance to talk about the current string of planetary retrogrades and their impact on the markets.

You can hear the complete 10-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Market Clockwork

Venus went back into direct motion yesterday, so now we’re ready for more money and more romance!

Actually, though, it was really interesting to see how precisely the markets responded to this Venus retrograde cycle. Venus retrograde periods are just rare enough to be slightly off the radar when we think about astrological events that can time the markets, but this last one, from March 6 through April 17, was a great reminder that we should always pay attention to Venus retrograde when we’re putting together our trading plans!