The Dark Side in American Politics

It was bound to happen.

American politics is definitely headed for the Dark Side, and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.

For evidence of that fact, all we have to do is pay attention to the news.

Is The Dark Side The Norm?

Of course, there are plenty of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists (and even some pretty reputable researchers) who would argue that American politics and the Dark Side are actually one and the same thing. See, for example, The Nine (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, Book 1) and its follow-up volumes by Peter Levenda.

But as might be expected, expressions of the Dark Side in politics have typically been advanced in a secretive or veiled way, rather than being admitted in public.

At least that’s how it was handled in the past.

What seems to be different now is how close to the surface those Dark Side tendencies apparently are.

The astrological factors at work behind the scenes may be the root cause. We have just made it through the three-year series of waxing Uranus/Pluto waxing squares, which has added enormous friction to the social and political environment.

And even though the exact alignments between these two planets are behind us, the influence of this potent combination will continue to be felt throughout 2016. That impact supports more moves toward the Dark Side, in and out of politics.

Convictions and Allegiances

The presidential election in the United States is still a year away, but for months now a gaggle of candidates from both major political parties have been preening and posturing in their efforts to gain public approval.

Many are touting their personal religious convictions as evidence that they should get the nod from voters.

But some of the candidates are more candid about their allegiance for the Dark Side. Marco Rubio, for example, recently confessed his admiration for the villain in Star Wars, saying that he “felt sorry” for Darth Vader.

Fans of the Death Star

Rubio also says that his favorite toy was the Death Star.


Even though Rubio has been criticized for his sketchy knowledge of the series of Star Wars film, his affection for the Death Star offers an interesting resonance with Ben Carson’s obsession with the pyramids.

Carson’s strange notions about the ancient structures may have some disturbing implications for foreign policy if he were to become president, but they also remind me of the idea by physicist Joseph P. Farrell that the pyramid of Giza was in fact constructed as a Death Star, to be used in interplanetary warfare.

So even though Ben Carson had his portrait painted with Jesus, he may be unconsciously flirting with the Dark Side himself.

Of course, the matching spa bathrobes that Ben and Jesus wore for that portrait don’t come close to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” baseball cap as a Dark Side fashion statement. Trump continues to send signals that tap into grassroots anger, even if he’s doing so in a particularly entertaining way.

Substituting Cheese for Xenophobia

And then there’s this intriguing variation on the Donald Trump theme:

Is this the ultimate expression of Dark Side apparel, or just a blatant appeal to ignorance? Perhaps neither one. After all, the notion that we need to “Make America Grate Again” does more than just describe the tone of today’s political conversation.

It could just be aimed at dedicated cheese lovers (perhaps with shades of the “Blessed are the Cheese Makers” in the Life of Brian Sermon on the Mount). And along the way, it doesn’t rule out militant vegans. After all, you can grate carrots just as easily as cheese.

Either way, it expresses the kind of political pluralism that could be an especially healthy antidote to the Dark Side obsessions sweeping politics today.


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