The Moon, Emotions, & The Markets

I got a great view of the Full Moon earlier this evening when I went out on the terrace overlooking the Manatee River.

Looking at the Moon is always a calming, almost hypnotic experience for me. I connect first at a visceral level, and then after a few minutes the more cerebral stuff kicks in– thoughts about rhythms and cycles, amazement at the physical and emotional impact of the gravitational pull, and a little pondering about the potential effect on the markets.

It’s my own personal antidote for Full Moon Madness, I guess.

And, as I pointed out earlier this week in the current issue of the newsletter, this particular Full Moon is especially powerful because it’s also a lunar syzygy, with the Moon at apogee as well.

That added intensity, plus some additional planetary factors at work, suggests that we could see an important response in the markets during the next couple of days, most likely in the form of price consolidation.

We’ll have to wait and see how things actually play out in the markets, of course, and respond accordingly in ways that are congruent with our overall astro-trading strategies.

But for now, at least, I’m just going to enjoy looking at the Full Moon one more time tonight.

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