What About Putin’s Health?

The Kremlin is insisting that Vladimir Putin is just fine, thank you very much.

Putin Beefcake Fishing
Macho man Valamir Putin’s health may be great – but what else should he be worrying about?

According to a Reuters story from Maria Tsvetkova, “Russian President Vladimir Putin is in good health, the Kremlin said on Thursday, dismissing rumors that the leader was suffering from an illness after a foreign trip was canceled.”

The story notes that concerns about Putin’s health began with the cancellation of that trip. “A Kazakh governmental source said Putin’s trip to Astana scheduled for this week was canceled because Putin had fallen ill, stirring speculation on social media that something had happened to the 62-year-old leader.”

But a top source in the Kremlin has made it clear that President Putin’s health is nothing to worry about: “Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, asked by Reuters if the president was in good health, replied ‘yes’.”

But what’s really going on?

According to my colleague Jim Cummins, an accomplished mundane astrologer and a dedicated observer of world affairs, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned– not just about Vladimir Putin’s health, but also about his ability to retain his position of power in Russia.

“For Vladimir Putin, March 2015 is an especially precarious month,” Jim says.

More specifically, he warns that there may be coup attempt against the Russian leader, with the event potentially being triggered by the Equinox Eclipse later this month and/or the Lunar Eclipse that follows it in early April.

“It is as though Mr. Putin is in the center of a huge, long-lasting lightning storm,” Jim adds.

Jim has a great track record for astute observations and accurate forecasts, so I’m inclined to pay attention to what he’s saying here, regardless of what the Kremlin has to say about the state of Putin’s health.

But I have to admit that I’m biased. Jim Cummins is also my co-author for the new book Global Game Change: Power and Profits at the Equinox Eclipse.

This important new report is scheduled for release as an e-book next week.

This is one publishing event you won’t want to miss, since it goes into a lot more detail – not only about the uncertain future for the Russian president (no matter what happens with Putin’s health), but also about major geopolitical issues, what we can expect in the markets, and much, much more.

You can learn more about it (and check out the pre-publication discount) at: http://harmonicresearchassociates.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=170


8 thoughts on “What About Putin’s Health?”

  1. As I recall, Astrologer, Mitch Lewis in one of his early on (free) newsletters has given time cycle for Putin’s change/outtage.

    1. Thanks Sandy

      There are a lot of astrologers starting to focus on Putin right now, especially since he’s dropped out of sight during the past few days. But I don’t recall seeing Mitch Lewis’ analysis – if you’ve got a link to it, please post it here!

  2. Dear Tim,
    with keen interest I read the abstract from your new EBook, Global Game Change. My question is, Is Nigeria included in your analysis, especially she hope to hold presidential election soonest?
    If no, pls include as the World will like to read from authority in Mudane Astrology like Tim. Yes Tim.
    Pls write.
    Yours Truly,
    Mansur Mosan, Nigeria.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Mansur – I appreciate your kind words!
      We do in fact have some information on the Nigeria horoscope in the new Global Game Change report, mainly because of the role that the country plays in the global oil situation.

  3. He has responded with aggression a few weeks after this transit which adversely affects his natal chart, all year. I thought he was in danger in December, when Saturn joined in.

  4. actually some sources say when Putin returned to Russia, I think from Basil( after he announced that he pardoned huge part of Debt to Cuba and Had an account for Africa should they need to borrow instead of expensive loans from USA or EU) When that plained where so many Dutch ware in was shot down. The sources say Putin plane was on the same spot on at the same Time. Putin doesn’t have support of the West but Russians do, he made the country stable after what Gorbachov and Jelzin did.

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