What’s Happening with Gold Trading Astrology?

With the situation in Iraq spiraling downward so precipitously and lots of uncertainty hitting the markets for Crude Oil, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see Gold getting some extra attention.

The yellow metal typically climbs in price whenever there’s some kind of geopolitical crisis brewing.

But in this case, we need to be paying attention to Gold trading astrology, too. It looks like Gold is getting some help from the Sun/Kronos combination that has had such a profound effect on the price of the precious metal in recent years.

In particular, we got a Sun/Kronos parallel last week as Gold was moving into rally mode; that parallel of declination will be coming into play toward the end of the month, as we get ready for the Sun/Kronos conjunction on June 29.

My expectation is that the Sun/Kronos conjunction then will give us the trigger we need for a substantial rally in Gold as we move into July and August.

If that’s the case, then the response we’ve seen in the last week with the Sun/Kronos parallel is just a preview of coming attractions!

By the way, you can see a chart for Gold that features the Sun/Kronos dynamics on the FinancialCyclesWeekly.com website. Check it out at:


And while you’re at it, be sure to print out the list of Sun/Kronos alignments at:


6 thoughts on “What’s Happening with Gold Trading Astrology?”

  1. I was wondering if Jupiter in Leo would reignite the bull market in gold. However, I’m becoming more and more skeptical since the markets don’t always behave as expected under the Fed’s NWO.

    1. Jupiter in Leo is easy to back-test – the entire Jupiter cycle is 12 years long, so if Gold goes up every time Jupiter is in Leo then we should see a history of rising prices every 12 years. Take a look at the history and you’ll see that it’s a good idea to be a little skeptical of that signature. You’re also wise to be wary of manipulation behind the scenes, whether or not the Fed is responsible. There’s definitely more going on with Gold than meets the eye.

      1. Yes, I see that it didn’t always go up when Jupiter was in Leo. It’s probably worth investigating why it didn’t happen.

        Expectations are that Jupiter in fire signs will heat up business activity, inflation, or both. I thought it could be bullish this time since commodities and gold have been in a lengthy correction already.

        Further more, astrologers have long connected gold with Sun/Leo. However, I think the reasoning is that gold was historically the bling for showing off wealth and power. I’m not sure how important it is these days within that context. I can see middle class spending more on gold jewelry when times are exceptionally well. However, I’m not sure the middle class in the developed world is unanimously doing better at this time.

        Transits in the 1974 COMEX gold chart reflect the recent gold manipulation. I wonder if Pluto passing over the Sun will have a long-term impact on gold trading.

        1. That’s quite possible, but remember that Pluto has an orbital cycle of 248 years, which makes back-testing pretty challenging. What do think the effect of the Pluto conjunction will be as far as Gold trading goes?

  2. Tim, many thanks for the information (and great timing!) in this article. Gold and Silver are both looking more lively at the moment – I am hoping the recent jump in Gold was a little taster of some more good things to come.

    What do you think about the cluster of events early in the week commencing 21st July? It all looks very interesting to me – Saturn direct, Uranus retrograde and Mars out of its shadow within 2 days – and as Al pointed out, the potential of Jupiter in Leo. Do you have any views on this cluster of events in late July – are you getting ready to bet a ‘small corner’ of the farm?

    1. I appreciate your encouraging words, Ed!

      We’re obviously watching the precious metals closely at this point.

      I’m looking closely at my back-testing results for the configurations coming up in late July– it does look like a very interesting time. I’ll be sharing a complete forecast for the month with our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com on June 30th in a special webinar. Should be an exciting event!

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