World War III, Currency Conflicts, Personal Financial Survival, and Stock Market Trading

Jim Cummins
Jim Cummins

“World War III is now underway.”

That’s the startling assertion from mundane astrologer Jim Cummins, writing in the latest installment of his insightful article on “Seismic Shifts in the Geopolitical Center of Gravity” for

Jim’s analysis of world events is always fascinating, especially since he brings his experience as a seasoned world traveler and the weight of his many years of economic and geopolitical research to bear in his writing, combining these unique perspectives with focused astrological studies of the key personalities shaping global events.

Once you read Jim’s explanation of the currency battles and international power plays currently underway, you’ll have little doubt that his statement about World War III is accurate and to-the-point.

And with the insights he shares about Mars cycles and open conflict, you’ll find the prospects for the coming weeks nothing short of disturbing.

But even though this is material that can make you a little uncomfortable when you read it, it’s nevertheless absolutely essential if you want to be prepared for the big market moves to come.

In short, it’s information that is at least critical for your financial survival, and it can also open up some potentially profitable opportunities along the way as well.

Jim’s articles are available to our members at as a part of our efforts to share the astro-trading advantage with those who are interested in stock market trading, astrological wealth creation, FOREX or commodities speculation, or just protecting personal financial security.

You can read Jim’s latest article at:

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