Yorba’s Questions About A Stock Market Trading Top

“Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the market, Tim.”

That’s what Michael Yorba said at the end of our televised interview yesterday.

He’s been getting the bugs out of his new TV production format, but the format itself is secondary to the high-quality content his show consistently delivers.

During our interview yesterday we discussed the planetary factors that are ganging up right now to make a stock market trading top a bigger probability – including the Super Moon, the Mercury Retrograde Return, the Jupiter Ingress, and of course the big Jupiter/Apollon waning square that’s already shaking things up so much.

You can watch the entire segment from yesterday’s show right here:

4 thoughts on “Yorba’s Questions About A Stock Market Trading Top”

  1. Great Job!!!
    You looked fantastic sounded great!

    top of the market
    2009 like 1987
    1974 ?

    Thx Again

    1. Thanks so much, Laurel!

      That’s an interesting question – we’ll have to pull up the charts from those previous years and take a look; it’s sure to be informative.

      In the meantime, what do you think of the forecasting strategy in the e-book on “How To Time The Next Market Trading Top“? Do the dates that are listed there give you any ideas about which previous year this one will resemble the most?

      All the best,

  2. Tim, I agree that a MAJOR turn is coming with the Bradley Major on July 15-16 and the market looks setup to move to the upside early next week where I think we will make all time highs, that would be the best scenario of all and then go short.

    Once over 1974 we should move smartly to test the 1985 then onward to 2000 and slightly higher possibly 2010-2020.

    So many pundits calling for a top right here that they usually don’t get it before they wash out more shorts. So we will see on Monday but the shorts had their shot on Thursday with no follow through on Friday.

    The fact we are up on Friday is bullish to me as many are going into the weekend long and have not taken it off the table due to fear. Most sold that were going to sell on Thursday and the weak hands wrung out.

    So Monday should be a tell and if you have thoughts on Friday’s trading let me know if your thoughts now are more bullish going into next week. You did mention the possibility that even Thursday or Friday might not be the end of this and that new highs could be made next week.

    Cheers Don

    1. Very astute comments, Don!

      I still think we could see another brief leg up prior to a more dramatic move back to the downside.

      The question is, does it still qualify as a “dead cat bounce” if the market hits another all-time high?

      At any rate, our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com took a good bit of money off the table during this past week’s consolidation. We had tightened up our stops considerably with our winning positions, and when the jitters hit Wall Street we got stopped out sizable profits.

      It always feels good to be bringing in money from successful trades when the markets are in turmoil and most conventional traders are confused about what to do next!

      All the best,

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